Agony Uncle

Hello Agony uncle. How are you? I was busy beta. Sumitra aunty was upset with her relationship at home so I went out for a cup of coffee with her.

Oh but that was on Monday. What about your Tuesday?

She was feeling low so I gave her company. I felt better after I made her happy. Wednesday what happened? She wanted to go for buying an IPhone for her daughter. But you still use Nokia 1100. I just wanted to give her company

Oh and Thursday…. She wanted to enquire on the rates at snap fitness so I gave her company

And Friday. She was busy with her friends. She did not speak and what about you?

Oh me…. I watched TV at home and aunty. I think she found her agony uncle……….

Ha ha………………………………………………

This category of men who represent Kandha in the country today are referred to as Agony uncle. They appear everyday to check your happiness quotient, shopping quotient, gifting quotient, eating quotient, even if everything is fine, they always start, Kya hua, tu thodi sad kyon lag rahi hai in the most irritating tone.

But the good part about agony uncle is they don’t cross the line till they are invited to. They stay ready and prepared to leave everything and take the responsibility of the agony uncle.

They are mostly loaded with their own responsibilities but they prefer to be agony uncle to another lady. I have seen some of them even doing grocery shopping to prove they are the best agony uncle. They like to be a part of the most important discussion and that is when the girl says, ‘ tum nahin hote toh main toot jaati, u have always stood by me.’ That’s like their appraisal and no matter their increments have not happened, they are not happy with their job, but the role of agony uncle keeps them motivated.

Some agony uncle find the lady in their office. They even decide to leave the organization if the lady leaves and the icing on the cake is they join the same organization. That’s when they prove to be the best agony uncle ever. This agony uncle ensures that he plays the role of a maid to start with and a maid to end with. In between whatever he gets to hear from the lady is far from reality. He is a sophisticated maid who we refer to as the AGONY UNCLE.

I want my readers to give a big round of applause to all the AGONY UNCLE’s around them as they definitely deserve an award. Long live Agony Uncle.


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