Bahubali 3…. Namaskara Bengaluru

Hello Bengaluru. Its 7:30 am and I have a meeting to catch up. The toughest part is to get out of the bed and get to the black coffee. Get ready fast and gulp the breakfast. But why am I doing all of it in a hurry. There is still enough time for the meeting but why the hurry. Bahubali 3 is out there. This Bahubali is a pain in the wrong side of your life. This Bahubali can kill Katappa, yedurappa, Veerappa and all the appas in few minutes.

The common man is absolutely ready to spring ahead of time for his or her meetings but Bahubali 3 needs to be convinced, cajoled and so on and so forth. Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls presenting Bahubali 3 in our favorite city, Namma Bengaluru, THE MOST AMAZING OLA APP………

Ola and their profound drivers can make you crave like the way we were all craving to know , ‘ why did katappa kill bahubali?’ The whole city from 7:45 in the morning goes through this struggle. Funny part is the smiley which appears after all the hardwork and it seems to be mocking  you, ” sorry no cabs available.”

Ola has created huge technology around making lives convenient only for the drivers and not for travelers. A resident of Mandya district who knows nothing about Namma Bengaluru gets to be the Ola driver. GPS hai naa, why does he need to know Marathalli, Bommanahalli, kamnahalli, jeevanahalli, and all the other halli’s. The funny part is when you say elli dira( Where are you), he honestly has no clue as to where he is and definitely does not have any clue as to where he needs to reach to pick you up. But GPS hai na…

It does not end there, he still asks, drop location saaar. Then if you are honest, you pay a price for your honesty. The cab immediately gets cancelled. Whether he knows Point A to Point B but he definitely knows he cant be wasting his time covering anything in excess of 20 minute distance. His number of trips might reduce and then what about incentives. He is a smart guy but we think we are smarter. We complain, Driver denied duty and the result out of it is the most amazing piece…… Nothing. The same problem continues.

Katappa was upset after he got to know that killing Bahubali was not the right thing to do. Here we are all frustrated Katappas living with this problem of Bahubali 3. Please don’t partner with this Bahubali 3 and encourage this problem.  By the way Bahubali 3 is comfortable during lunch time and weekends before the party time starts provided it is not raining.  Got to go now friends, Bahubali 3 has graced me with a confirmation. Will chat with him as to what goes wrong in the morning.  May be Bahubali 3 has become a very important part of our life and we have started realizing that even if he does not show up everyday, we don’t mind blocking our money on OLA money.  That’s what sometimes the thought of convenience becomes more critical than the real convenience.


Happy Journey all of you.



2 thoughts on “Bahubali 3…. Namaskara Bengaluru

  1. This one is awsome… reading it EOD at work and it almost felt as though ratish is standing across the desk and narrating the humour …while we all laughed and de stressed ! Miss u rathish dada..keep blogging 😀

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