So what if I hired right…. I still screwed up….

There has always been a debate that in order to have a right business model to expand further and make an impact, the vision needs to be towards focused hiring. At the inception stage, lot of it is driven by passion, a very minimum number of people who have a common goal. The trick is expansion and the right cultural fit.

So when I go through my small little experiences at work place, I realise the first right hire is you yourself. One should go through his/her own evaluation to really visualize if he or she is willing to invest in change management and progressive management by bringing those changes in their ownself.  I am not too old in the business and have spent close to about a decade and a half in the corporate world. However people management became a part of my life for a decade now.

My previous role gave me an opportunity to understand people better. The mid level people who were experienced professionals themselves became a part of my team. I immediately realized that its tougher than what I had thought. But did I make mistakes? Yes I did and many mistakes. The first big mistake which I made was

  1. Not treating all at par: That’s the biggest mistake that I made by treating different people differently and may not be very open about it but it did come across. The intention was not wrong but what really came about is the leader is partial towards a particular kind of people. However the reasons could be well justified but beyond a point building a favourite out of the same kind of roles and expressing it freely is not a good trait.
  2. Open book : A leader’s unpredictability and his ability to conceal his own emotions, his thoughts towards everything which is irrelevant to the business, his words, actions are all traits which makes a successful leader. In my team everyone knew that today we can get him to do this and it always worked out for them. I could be seen through and there was no sign of unpredictability.
  3. Indiscipline : Talent and ability sometimes leads you to believe that you can very well control things which obviously has worked for me. However a team is governed by discipline at your work place. As a leader if you are subject to always falter on your timelines and discipline, your zeal to get things closed within a timeframe keeps diminishing.
  4. Ineffective collaboration : Treating people for lunches, drinks or dinner or taking them for a vacation does not lead to collaboration. Collaboration is about successfully generating a mindset to succeed which is easy provided the leader is able to send across the message transparently and freely. I believe in successful collaboration but I did not do it effectively. It was a half hearted attempt.
  5. Unproductive discussions: When you realise that a team member is not able to drive results, one has to partner and discuss the concern in isolation with the individual. To a large extent I communicated that there should be a change in the manner of performance but not to the individual directly. It is definitely not a motivating message for the affected employee.
  6. My own Biased opinions : What one has done in 1947, does not hold him or her successful in 2017. A biased opinion develops over a period of time and your objective view on the whole piece gets out of the window. All you know is this person can never go wrong because your opinion is strong about the person. Not a great trait for a progressive leader
  7. Self obsession : I fell in love with myself so much that I ended up looking at all awaiting few good complements, how amazing they feel seeing me at work, how I bring life to the work place , so on and so forth. In the process certain detailing about critical aspects happening around the business starts going unnoticed.

When I sit back and think through, I realise that though in the real context, I have not failed but I did fail to recognize certain flaws at the right time to deliver the best out of all individuals who worked with me. They were all absolutely fabulous and had great journeys but did all feel motivated and amazed to work with me. The answer is no and this no is the reason of me introspecting further. A self training model is the best model to rebuild your next step in life. I am learning and I believe a spark of success has nothing to do with success in totality. Time for more awareness of your one self and constantly working on your ability drives to a greater success for the future.

I had my best experience managing some wonderful professionals who taught me lot of things which has been my best education forever in my career. Long way to go, Ratish Nair.


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