Mr Dinesh Kargutkar who runs an Indian made dental kit company has sales representatives in most tier2 and tier 3 cities and head quartered out of Mumbai and couple of regional offices in Delhi and Bangalore. He started this company after being influenced by Baba Jaswant in Varanasi. He visited Baba Jaswant who became a baba after recession struck India. During his visit, Baba showed Dinesh some ingredients which can keep all dental problems away. Both of them loudly said HARI OM and started this company ‘ Seva Danti ‘. Seva Danti has grown at a rapid pace as it was hugely backed by Baba Jaswant disciples and an emotional chord which struck all that its a complete made in India product. Dinesh managed to corporatize the organization a little and included few IIM Graduates in the head office. However his tier2 and tier3 sales force remain the local guys who work really hard for the business but they belong to all walks of life. After 4 years of success in the business, this fiscal one quarter has not made money for Seva Danti. An immediate rival, ‘Selfie smile’ backed by Baba Subramaniam,  a techie before recession got his disciple Madhav Iyer  to start this company. Selfie smile is headquartered in Bangalore and has representatives across South India and other Tier 2 and tier 3 cities. They decided not to expand into Delhi, Mumbai and other metros beyond South.

Dinesh Kargutkar is annoyed with this development and wants some disruptive ideas to come up during the WEEKLY concall. He rushes to office along with his breakfast and he decides to eat while the call is on.

The whole team assemble in the conference room and other station employees all login. The epic conference call which is a regular affair is about to begin now. Mr Kargutkar sets his desk with all the fruits and tells the office boy to get plates for his roti and subzee. Well, the conference room is almost like a shiv-sagar where varieties of break fast spread is available on the table. Dosas to idlis, upma, vada, sambhar, chutney, sandwiches, coffee, tea, badam milk etc. Couple of employees attend the call to ensure the lavish breakfast is not missed out. BY THE WAY, Its employee sponsored and not the company.

One of the team member Bhushan who is an outstation employee based out of Patna was busy milking the cow in his house when he realized that he also has to get onto the call. He keeps the phone very close to the cow and strictly instructs the animal not to make any noise while the call is on. The cow in return says Maahhaaaahhhhh. Bhushan however dials Upendra Yadav who represents the entire UP for the company. Upendra is a rich guy. His father owns a bar where all state level ministers assemble for a drink almost everyday. But Upendra is a health freak. He does not drink and is into Pahalwani. His day starts in the akhaada where he wrestles through the morning and forces seva kanti on everyone around him. Upendsra does not answer Bhushan’s call. Bhushan starts praying as his sale has dropped and he is worried about his future.

Vikas Gowda a resident of Mandya district in Karnataka is being poached by Selfie smile. He is sitting with a 30% hike in salary and a bigger slab of incentive. He is still evaluating and waiting for the management here to give an increment. However he is yet to disclose on the new offer. Almost 25 other reps, all from their respective station log in to the call.

The con call begins and they all know that there could be a serious issue. This is exactly when Dinesh started the call by addressing all. Hi All. I am sure that all of you have gathered to hear from me some serious messages across. All I want to say is thank you everyone for all that you are doing for the business. Keep getting better and  better. Competition is tough out there. You have complete freedom to work from wherever you want to and whatever you are doing, keep it going stronger. The big announcement is everyone is going to get a two month salary as a bonus in the next quarter. All employees who achieve their target are due for a promotion. Lets meet for the annual offsite soon and I will sit with you and talk to all of you individually. Good luck and do well.

”What will happen in the con call? How will Dinesh and his team face the competition? Whats going to happen? Watch the space for the part 2 of the epic con call. ”

Please feel free to reach out on FB, Linked in or my twitter account with suggestions on the extension of this story. …………..

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